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Coleman 2000020953NP Camper Stove Review

Last Updated: 30.09.22

Main advantage


This model needs a flat surface to function properly, but other than that it can offer you a wide range of dishes, mainly due to its design, which is perfect for picnics or campsite cooking.

The item is made using durable materials with resistant coatings. For example, the grate is chrome-plated, which makes it easy to clean because grease and dirt won’t stick to it as much as it would to other surfaces. Its shell is made of durable materials that can withstand the various weather conditions that you may encounter on a camping site.


Main disadvantage


Much like the other Coleman alternatives, this design seems to have the same problem with adjusting the heat that the burners generate. They are said to work individually, which they do, the only problem being that it’s difficult to find a low-temperature setting.

Customers have complained that it’s challenging to simmer a dish, which can result in limited options for your meals since the low temperature is much too close to the off setting.

Also, another problem related to this one seems to be the fact that the knobs have no stopping mechanism so you might accidentally turn the stove off while you’re trying to adjust the temperature.

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Top 3 features explained


Wind block panels

These two lateral panels help protect the contents of the stove from the various damaging exterior factors, such as excessive wind or even rainfall. They serve to keep to food protected and keep the burners going regardless of the weather conditions, so you’re able to prepare a delicious meal at any time.

They can be adjusted to accommodate various sizes of pans, so you can adapt the cooking surface according to your needs and depending on the number of people that you will be serving. Generally speaking, it can fit a 12 and a 10-inch pan simultaneously, which should be more than enough for a regular meal.


You can take advantage of the advanced technology that the company used when manufacturing this design. For example, with the aid of the PerfectFlow function, you’ll be able to obtain consistent performance regardless of the weather conditions, and your dishes will be cooked to perfection every time.

Also, thanks to the PerfectHeat setting, this device is more cost-effective, given that it requires a smaller amount of propane to cook for an extended period which overall results in more food being prepared with fewer resources, which is also great for the environment.


Heat distribution

In a way similarly to other Coleman alternatives, the Triton features two individual burners that can be adjusted independently. This way, you can customize your cooking surface to fit your requirements, spreading the heat evenly or cooking separate dishes on each of the two burners.

Speaking of which, the heat is provided by two units that amount to 22,000 BTUs in total. The heat is kept steady due to the advanced technology used by the manufacturers, and the power should be more than enough to cook a few familiar dishes, nothing too sophisticated.


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