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Do mini Portable Compact Review

Last Updated: 01.12.22

Main advantage


The Do mini alternative is a great portable washer to use in your RV. It can also be used as a mobile washer for small apartments, dorms, motorhomes, and more. This appliance can do small loads of laundry and it has an 8.3-pound wash capacity combined with a 4.7-pound spin capacity.

The dual function design allows for simultaneous operation so that you can save time when you’re washing more laundry. Depending on the types of garment that you have, this model can handle about two days’ worth of clothes successfully and if you have more clothes to wash, you can add another cycle of washing while the first one gets dried.


Main disadvantage


Some customers were unsatisfied with the design of this option and the fact that it is not an automatic washer. This means that you will have to drain it and fill it manually to do a load. Washing many loads on this option can give you a bit of work, but for use in an RV where you won’t have that many things to clean, this product can get the job done with little hassle.

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Top features explained



Twin tub design

The one thing you’ll notice when setting your eyes on this appliance for the first time is the twin tub design. You get two doors: the first one accommodates the washer, and it is the place that will wash your clothes. Behind the other door, you’ll find the spinner dryer.

The washer offers 8.3-pound wash capacity which is enough to store about two days’ worth of clothes. You’ll easily be able to wash all your shirts and pants, and they will be ready to go in just a few minutes.

Unlike standard washing machines, the Do mini alternative offers settings that are easily adjustable so that you can get your clothes washed in the amount of time that you have at your disposal. If you only have 20 minutes available, you can program the machine to clean a full load under that time.

For situations such as when you’re on the go and in a hurry, this feature is something that customers adore.

Easy to store and transport

To make storing and transporting your product much easier, this model features a construction that is made of durable plastic. The use of plastic makes it incredibly lightweight, and you’ll be able to move it around by yourself without having to use additional equipment or people.

This feature makes this portable tub an excellent option for compact spaces. You won’t have to worry that your new washing machine will end up taking most of your RV’s free space as this option has a length of 23.2”, a width of 13.9”, and a height of 26.5”.

Easy to use

You don’t need additional plumbing to use this option, as you have two ports available that you can use. The left side port is for the washing machine while the right one is for the spin dryer. It hooks to the sink, and it drains the same way. It can’t get easier and more convenient than that.


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