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DynastyMattress 10GEL-QUEEN-RV Review

Last Updated: 30.09.22


Main advantage


When purchasing any mattress, comfort should be the critical focus. Fortunately, with the DynastyMattress 10GEL-QUEEN-RV, we are happy to report that this option manages to achieve an incredible level of satisfaction. It comes equipped with a 2.5” CoolBreeze gel that will keep your body cool during hot summer nights so that sweat is never a problem.

What’s more, apart from the first layer of gel, you get a second 2-inch layer that consists of cool air flow foam. This is important in facilitating mattress breathability. Finally, you have the high-density base memory foam layer that will help ensure that the mattress stays in shape and does not flatten quickly.


Main disadvantage


Some customers have reported that the mattress is a lot firmer than they would have expected. This could be a plus for some people, but if you want an option that is soft, this is a thing that you should keep in mind. Certain owners have managed to solve this problem by getting a memory foam topper.

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Top features explained



The construction

This is a premium alternative which is why you get an expert construction with three high-quality layers. The first layer is made of 3 inches of gel foam. This material is dedicated to bring a fresh feeling to your body and make you feel incredibly cozy at night.

The second layer consists of a cool air flow foam. This type of foam is essential in facilitating the best possible mattress breathability. What this layer does is prevent excessive sweating; your skin will breathe while touching the mattress and as a result, it will not need to secrete any sweat. This feature will also prolong the life of your bed.

The last layer consists of a high-density base memory foam that will provide the support your body needs to sleep comfortably. It will also ensure that the product will stay in shape and that it does not flatten quickly.

A premium cover

No matter the type of mattress you want to buy and how and where you intend to use it, the cover is a crucial part. In the case of the 10GEL-QUEEN-R, you get a premium option that will make your purchase stand out. It is made for maximum protection, and it will keep your mattress from getting damaged.

The cover has a brown suede finish that is also fireproof, to keep it from getting ignited accidentally. This feature makes it stand out since with other alternatives on the market, you get cheap covers that are highly flammable. As a plus, it is also easy to clean which makes the process of maintaining your mattress in mint condition that much easier.


Support and Firmness

This is a queen size mattress and as such, you should be glad to know that it offers remarkable comfort for the money. It brings comfort combined with adequate relief and support. If you’ve ever felt uncomfortable while sleeping, with this mattress, all the stresses associated with sleep will now be over.


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