Eccotemp L10 Review

Last Updated: 13.12.19

Main advantage


The most important feature that this model has to offer is undoubtedly its portability. It’s fully equipped to be used on the go, primarily because it is powered by 2 D cell batteries, so it doesn’t need electricity.

What it does need however is a standard 20lb. liquid propane tank, which is also equipped with electronic ignition. You’ll be able to use this model on your trips to get hot water whenever you need it, regardless of your current location.

It can connect with any basic garden hose, and it needs only 20 PSI to start, thanks to the low-pressure activation technology.


Main disadvantage


According to the customers that have ordered products from this brand, the main drawback is not necessarily a feature of the item itself, but rather the circumstances.

Apparently, the brand fails to provide reliable customer service, so if you’re unlucky enough to be delivered a damaged device, you might have some trouble reaching them and explaining your problem.

Also, there have been other complaints saying that the battery compartment is not particularly well-placed, which might be the cause of some mild malfunctions.

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Top 3 features explained



We all know how crucial safety can be especially in terms of this type of devices, so we feel the need to mention that a safety shut off system is activated when the unit runs for longer than 20 minutes or in case it is tilted more than 45 degrees in a specific direction, because that’s when unexpected issues might occur.

Remember that in order to preserve the system components and ensure their durability, you have to drain the heater once it cools off. Otherwise, you might have to struggle with other maintenance issues.

Hot water output

By using this device, you’ll be able to enjoy hot water baths in your travels immediately after you open the tap, unlike other similar models. It is rated at 2.6 GM for the output that it can provide, and it can achieve any temperature in the range between 50 and 140 degrees F.

The temperature of the water that flows inside can be as low as it is found in its natural state. However, it is advised that when the temperature outside freezes below 20F, you need to empty the heater in order to protect its coils.



As we’ve stated before, this item’s portability is perhaps one of its most relevant benefits. But aside from the technology that it uses to be easy to install this device anywhere you want to, it also has a few design details worth taking into consideration.

For example, the shape is made of lightweight materials, so it’s not difficult to lift it and install it. It doesn’t require any additional help to carry it, and the compact design makes it fit comfortably in the back of an RV while you’re traveling.

You can install outdoor showers, wash your pets or perform any other activity that requires the use of hot water.


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