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EdgeStar CRF321SS Review

Last Updated: 30.09.22


Main advantage


With a 3.1-cubic-feet capacity, the EdgeStar alternative is the perfect refrigerator to use in your RV. The capacity that it offers is large enough to help you store all your favorite beverages, snacks, and foods, and the design is compact so that you never have to worry about the space that your new appliance occupies.

You get two compartments, a refrigerator, and a smaller freezer. The customers that have used this model are impressed with the power of the freezer; it will keep everything that you store in there ice-cold. The refrigeration section has an automatic defrost function which means that you can place your frozen foods there when you want to cook them.


Main disadvantage


Some customers have remarked that the refrigerator tends to make a bit too much noise at times and when using it in closed spaces such as an RV, it can be a bit troubling. It all depends on the type of person you are – if you are sensitive to noises you should keep this detail in mind.

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Top features explained



A compact design

The EdgeStar compact fridge is perfect to use in your RV, small apartments, dorms, small offices, and more. It offers a smart compact design that makes it easy to place in any room, especially as both doors are fully reversible.

Since it is quite light, you will have no problems moving it around by yourself; when you’re not traveling in your RV, you can use it around the home. It can be a great porch fridge for your guests to enjoy a cold and refreshing beverage while you’re preparing a great barbecue.

With a capacity of 3.1 cubic feet, you will have all the space you need to store all your essential food. Just because you’re on the go does not mean that you can’t enjoy a healthy meal made with fresh ingredients straight from your compact fridge.

When installing the product, you will need to leave a distance of 1 or 2 inches on the sides and 3 or 4 inches from the back wall so that your model has enough space for proper ventilation.

A durable construction

Any kitchen appliance should be durable, but for an option that is meant to handle the rough conditions that are present in an RV, this feature is even more critical. We are glad to say that the EdgeStar alternative features a construction made only from the highest-quality materials.

The doors are made of true stainless steel with black cabinets. The stainless steel is exceptionally sturdy, and it will prevent dents and make the cleaning process much more manageable. What’s more, the corrosion resistance of the stainless steel will keep the frame of the fridge in mint condition for years to come.


Energy efficiency

When you’re traveling, you can’t afford to use power-hungry appliances – you need an energy efficient alternative. In that regard, the CRF321SS is a smart choice since it features both a freezer and a refrigerator that allow you to adjust the temperatures independently.

This coupled with the overall energy efficiency will make this model consume less energy than many other appliances.


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