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Flame King YSNHT500 Motorhome BBQ Review

Last Updated: 30.09.22

Main advantage


The best feature this product has to offer is undoubtedly its design. It is manufactured with brackets that allow you to mount it on the side of RVs and trailers, which will ease the connection with the gas supply that fuels the grills.

However, if this alternative doesn’t do it for you, you can always turn the hanging rack into legs that transform this grill into a free-standing system. You can’t place it too far from the vehicle, but either way, you’re able to choose the option that feels most comfortable to you.

Another design perk would be the locking retainer pins, which are added to make sure the mounting bracket is secured at all times.


Main disadvantage


Its lack of adaptability might be the most significant disadvantage of this item. As the manufacturers themselves have stated, the grill is not to be used with any other supply than an RVs self-contained LP gas system.

That might limit your options consistently, but if you’re only looking to buy a grill that will help you serve delicious meals on your family trips, then you’re covered. This item is also great when it comes to storage and transport, so it fits perfectly in an RV.

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Top 3 features explained



This particular alternative includes all the features that you might want, and it doesn’t require much adjustment. The manufacturer’s design is complete with an adjustable flame controller, that allows you to keep track of how your food is cooked and get the recipe just right, and an upper grill deck for an increased cooking surface.

The extra cooking surface might come in handy, although the standard 214 square inches are more than enough to serve a meal for two to four individuals without making them wait before all the food is ready.


Not only can this item be collapsed to be transported without taking up the same volume it would if it were mounted, but the lid can be locked so as to make sure that the contents are not affected by carrying them, or they’re not lost on the way.

What’s more, aside from ensuring that the various components are kept safe on your trip home or to the perfect barbecue spot, the closable lid can also provide a safe environment while the many edibles are being prepared, sheltering them from unfavorable weather conditions that you might not have foreseen, like strong winds.


Cooking capacity

This item is powered by the gas supply of your RV, as we’ve already discussed, and is capable of producing up to 16,000 BTU. While that might not be the highest rate offered by an RV grill, it’s more than enough to properly cook a delicious meal in a reasonable amount of time.

Paired with the cooking surface of 214 square inches, which would be more than enough on their own, and the extra grilling surface the manufacturers threw in, it’s safe to say you’ve got yourself a cooking station that will serve the entire family.


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