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Frigidaire 30-Pint Review

Last Updated: 01.12.22


Main advantage


The Frigidaire 30-Pint is a premium alternative that is designed to work with big RVs, and you can even use it around the house as this powerful option can eliminate 30 pints’ worth of water per day by using a standard 115V electrical outlet. It will protect your RV and home from mold and mildew which can thrive in environments with excess moisture.

It will not only remove the excess moisture but also help eliminate bacteria in the air that could pose health hazards. It operates at a low temperature of 41 degrees so that you can save energy and money. It comes with a container that has a capacity of 7.6 pints.


Main disadvantage


A few customers have noticed that the connection hose seems to be of a slightly poor quality and that it could get damaged quite easily. This can be a real inconvenience, but luckily the manufacturer offers replacement hoses. Still, you should keep this detail in mind before you make the purchase.

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Top features explained



Improve your home environment

If you ever wanted to get a healthy environment that is not a thriving place for bacteria, mold, and mildew that can not only make breathing difficult but also pose a real danger to your health, this Frigidaire model is the ideal pick. This nifty device will protect your home from any excess moisture that could otherwise fill your home with mold and mildew.

For people with asthma or any other respiratory disease, this device can really improve their quality of life. It’s not just people that suffer from a respiratory disease that will benefit from this option but also people that have common allergies. Dust mites, mold, and mildew can all trigger allergies, and these spread fast in humid environments.

You can now also say goodbye to the unpleasant musty and rotting odors that can accompany mildew and mold. Whether you live in a humid climate or in a space that tends to accumulate a lot of moisture, the 30-Pint from Frigidaire is a great purchase.

Easy to use and clean

You can quickly select the options that you want with a simple touch of the button. The straightforward interface makes it easy to navigate through the settings and make the most out of your purchase.

You can control the amount of humidity in the room so that you get the maximum comfort. You also get a bright LED screen that will show you the temperature and other useful information.

The filter is easy to remove and wash which will not only save you money since you won’t have to replace the filter after each use but will also reduce bacteria, room odors, and other airborne particles. Cleaning the filter often will make the environment that you live in healthier and more comfortable.


Other features

The caster wheels and the top and side handles make the 30-Pint a truly portable option. You’ll be able to move the unit quickly from room to room with little effort. What’s more, this is an energy star certified model which means that it uses less power and can help reduce your energy usage so that your utility bill gets lowered.


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