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Garmin Nüvi 2798LMT with Backup Camera Review

Last Updated: 30.09.22


Main advantage


Typically, one would think of GPS devices as small gadgets with a robotic voice, a map, and simple turn-by-turn directions like “in 500 meters, turn left.” The Garmin nüvi® 2798LMT, on the other hand, as an attempt to reinvent GPS navigation, has introduced voice activated navigation and intelligent user interaction; it gives you nearby landmarks with dynamic lane instructions and vivid images on a crisp 7” display, all while communicating with you in a casual and friendly tone. The rear camera that helps you spot vehicles, pedestrians, and other typical road obstructions is also a nifty addition to the already feature-filled device.


Main disadvantage


The Garmin nüvi® 2798LMT performs exceptionally well as a GPS device, but unfortunately, the camera that comes with it doesn’t seem to be at par with the nüvi’s quality. Customers have reported having a difficult time installing the camera, and the power source oddly comes from the rear lights, which might be off limits to some types of vehicles. Furthermore, the camera also has a rather low resolution, so places with very little ambient illumination may render it a bit useless. This minor issue, however, does not affect the device’s stellar GPS performance.


This model is currently unavailable. Click here to read a review on the 760LMT model



Top 3 features explained



Your Personal Travel Buddy

The Garmin nüvi® 2798LMT takes turn-by-turn navigation to an entirely different level by using landmarks, infrastructure, and traffic lights when telling you when to turn, exit, or head straight. The natural speech technology embedded in the device makes it sound more like a personal travel buddy than a GPS gadget, therefore making it easier for you to understand voice alerts and keep your eyes on the road. One of the features that stands out, however, is the set of voice-activated commands that allow you to control the device, giving you a completely seamless, hands-free GPS operation.

3.Garmin nüvi 2798LMT


Advanced Guidance System

Equipped with an active lane guidance system that visually shows you the lane that you’re supposed to be in, which comes in handy, especially when moving to different highways in a place you’re not quite familiar with. Junction view allows you to see a front view image of the next interchange, therefore making it easy for you to stay in the right lane. The bird’s eye junction view gives you a top view of interchanges, which comes in handy if you need to know when to switch lanes or slow down. The colored guidance arrows and road signs further augment the mini-road simulation in the screen, therefore giving you a preview of your driving.


Information at Your Fingertips

With voice command and a simple touch interface at your disposal, all the information you need is just a voice/touch command away. Garmin Express makes sure that your nüvi has up-to-date map and traffic information, which you could easily transfer to and from different devices. As you drive, relevant information pops up about nearby fuel stations, hospitals, and other infrastructure and services that one might be interested in. You also get the speed limit of the current area, school zone warnings, your current speed, and the estimated time of arrival at your destination. With this much information at your fingertips, you’ll never need to ask for directions again.


This model is currently unavailable. Click here to read a review on the 760LMT model