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Garmin RV 770 LMT-S RV GPS Review

Last Updated: 01.12.22


Main advantage


Camping enthusiasts will find this model to be exactly what they need when they embark on an adventure in their RVs. Everything about this unit from Garmin is designed around an RV lifestyle, which means that you will feel it be more helpful than other models offered by the competition.

The unit provides excellent guidance feature so that you know exactly where you go and how to get there. Its screen is designed for visibility and larger than what you can see in other models readily available on the market.

Alerts about road warnings and the possibility to create routes according to the size of your RV make this unit so competitive. Features like Easy Route Shaping, or information of Elevation Profile, are designed with the sole purpose of offering you, as an RV owner, not only the possibility to go with your vehicle everywhere you need but also the opportunity to enjoy your trips more than ever.


Main disadvantage


The main complaint people have in regards to this model concerns the advertised Lifetime Traffic feature. This feature should be able to provide you with instant updates regarding road conditions and requires your phone to be connected with the GPS unit via Bluetooth. At the same time, you need to have a dedicated app running.

While this all may sound nice in theory, it is not that great once you start using it, according to the people who tried it. Because the user needs to use the data plan on his or her smartphone, it is easy to see why this might not be such a great idea. Buyers report having exhausted their data plan over two or three days.

Also, other customers who faced the same issue say that they didn’t find this feature particularly useful and that they didn’t get any traffic information that they couldn’t have found using other applications on their phones.

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Main features explained


The unit uses your RV profile for finding the best routes

It is quite clear why this unit enjoys such great popularity among users who drive RVs. The model was built to meet all the requirements of someone driving such a vehicle. As you well know, the size, height, and even width of your RV can pose serious issues when you encounter areas with bridges and narrow roads.

This unit from Garmin makes everything more comfortable by letting you introduce the information on your RV, such as the measurements mentioned earlier so that it can start customizing routes. 

The fact that you’ll never end up stuck somewhere due to improper road conditions, and forced to go back, can work wonders for your peace of mind. Even more, it works for trailers, too, so, as long as you provide accurate information, you will make the best out of this GPS unit.

Designed for North America, this model will take you everywhere you need to go without any problems. Having to follow efficient routes that will take you to your destination the fastest will make your trip more enjoyable, too. And, since there is input regarding objects of interest that can be accessed by RVs, you will find even more exciting things to do during your trip.



Hands-free access for your enjoyment

You won’t have to take your hands off the will to operate the GPS unit, and not even for making calls if that’s something you want. There are some tremendous hands-free features available that will have you trust in Garmin even more. The company has an excellent reputation for making outstanding GPS units for vehicles, so you will find it even more impressive that it added some pretty useful hands-free features on this model.

You can now sync your smartphone to your GPS unit via Bluetooth for a bunch of excellent functionalities. For instance, you can make hands-free phone calls. Also, you can customize your navigation system so that you receive smart notifications directly on display.

Anything concerning calls, messages, reminders, can be operated via the GPS unit, which means that you won’t have to take a hand off the wheel to use your smartphone. Since there is a voice-activated navigation feature in place, you will be able to interact with your GPS only via your voice.

With such extras in place, this RV GPS is an excellent companion when you need to drive for hours. RV owners know well the importance of having such conveniences readily at their fingertips. As long as your hands are busy handling the wheel, but you don’t lose anything otherwise, all is excellent.


The unit software will be updated regularly

You won’t have to check for updates all the time like it might be the case with other GPS units. Garmin offers excellent service all around, and any new updates might be available, you will be notified promptly. All you need is to be in close proximity to a Wi-Fi network your unit could access.

The GPS unit has built-in Wi-Fi, which is why it is capable of accessing its own updates as soon as it can connect to the internet via any network available. Since you’re traveling a lot, you most probably know plenty of places where Wi-Fi connectivity is readily available to motorists without a password.

What’s great about these updates is that they can be performed without the need for a computer, signing in from a web browser and so on. As soon as the unit hooks up to a network, you will get a notification that an update is available.

The fact that the unit receives updates means that you will also have access to information that is up to date. You will appreciate how easily the unit updates. You only have to plug it to any outlet, and, while it recharges, it will also perform the necessary updates.


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