Garmin RV 785 Review

Last Updated: 15.11.19


If your spare time often finds you exploring new places with your RV and your old GPS navigator no longer provides you with the performance or features you’re interested in, this model from Garmin might be of interest. 


Main advantage

Using an advanced GPS navigator when visiting new places won’t just help you reach your destination by taking the best route but will also provide you with warnings regarding steep grades, weight limits, and more. The Garmin RV 785 was built with such features in mind. 

The unit stands out through the various features it comes with and is committed to helping you reach the place of your interest with greater ease. It thus takes into account the size of your recreational vehicle and then finds the best route for you. 

Still, that’s not all you get. To make your road safe, the product was designed to warn you about sharp curves, steep grades, weight limits, and other such things that might pose a risk. What’s more, the unit boasts a directory of RV services and parks where you can stop to rest or even camp for a couple of days. 

To make it even easier for you to find the park that best meets your needs, the Garmin RV 785 includes additional content from KOA, PlanRV, iOverlander, and Ultimate Public Campgrounds. You can use various filters such as price and amenities to find a place that meets your budget and needs. 

Plus, when you connect the navigator to your smartphone and use the Garmin Drive app, you can find out more about your route and access information such as weather forecast, live traffic, and even traffic cameras. 


Main disadvantage

Considering the many features of this unit, the product might fall a bit on the expensive side. However, getting such a navigator will cover your various needs when traveling with your RV and will do so for a long time as it promises to last.

Buy from for ($479.95)



Main features explained


GPS navigators are no longer simple devices that provide drivers with the best routes. The latest models in this line take navigation one step further and this unit from Garmin is an example of all that. 


Personalized routing and campsite information

The purpose of a navigator is to help you reach your destination more easily. This product is thus equipped with features that will provide you with custom routes based on the weight and size of your recreational vehicle. 

Furthermore, since driving such a vehicle is not allowed on all roads, the unit sends warnings regarding dangerous curves, weight limits, and other such aspects so you can have a smooth and safe ride. You can thus know what’s ahead of you and if the time of your arrival will be delayed.

Because you won’t just drive all the time and you will need to rest and make a stop now and then, the navigator also includes additional content regarding rest areas, campsites, RV parks, and services. 

You can filter them by price, amenities, and other such factors. Searching for such services is simple thanks to the user-friendly menu. Plus, it includes extra information from Foursquare and Tripadvisor. This allows you to see hotel, restaurant, and attraction ratings from TripAdvisor travelers. 

There is also a History database that provides descriptions and pictures of historic sites, museums, parks, and monuments. Moreover, the national park directory was built to help you easily navigate to various areas of interest within the park you want to visit. 

To further simplify your trip, the model can be connected to your smartphone once you’ve downloaded the Garmin Drive application. This app will give you access to weather information, live traffic, and traffic cameras. 


High-resolution display and hands-free use 

The information provided by the Garmin RV 785 is valuable and important for a smooth ride; therefore, it must be highly visible when you’re driving. That’s why the product boasts a high-resolution touch display. You can thus easily see the road, various warnings, and information displayed. 

The unit was built with easy and safe driving in mind; therefore, it allows for hands-free use. You just have to connect the navigator to a compatible smartphone for hands-free calling and other smart notifications. By doing so, you will be able to focus on the road and drive safely while still receiving important notifications and taking calls. 

To further enhance your convenience when driving, you can also use voice-activated navigation. Software and maps are easily and rapidly updated thanks to the built-in Wi-Fi connectivity. Also, the above-mentioned Garmin Drive app will provide you with more information regarding the weather and traffic.

Additionally, the product is coupled with a traffic cable, so you can enjoy the Garmin Traffic service right upon arrival.


Ride recording and ease of installation

What also makes this GPS navigator stand out is the built-in dash cam that you can use to record your ride. The camera-enabled features will further provide you with lane-departure and forward-collision warnings and thus enhance your awareness as a driver.

Plus, when you use the camera to record your drive, it will automatically save footage in case an incident is detected. The footage will also include GPS information such as the date and time of the incident. 

The unit is more than a simple navigator as it was designed to help you get out of tight spaces as well. The Garmin RV 785 is compatible with the BC 35 Wireless Backup Camera from Garmin that, once installed, will help you see what’s behind and thus enable you to get out of such places safely and with greater ease. 

The dash cam comes with an 8 GB MicroSD Class 10 data card and supports up to 64 GB microSD cards. 

Installing the navigator is an effortless task as the product comes paired with a powered magnetic mount that can be easily attached to the device. Thanks to the video-in port featured, you can easily use a wireless camera as the one mentioned above for additional benefits. 


Buy from for ($479.95)


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