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Giantex Portable Mini Review

Last Updated: 01.12.22


Main advantage


The main selling point of this product is right there in its name since the portability that the Giantex option offers is outstanding because it manages to get the job done despite its size. For an RV, there is nothing else that you would want: it does not take a lot of space, and it is effortless to operate.

The total laundry capacity of this product is of 17.6 lbs. The washer offers a capacity of 11lbs while the spinner has a 6.6lbs limit. This capacity should be more than enough to wash two or three days’ worth of clothes for one person. Since the washing process is fast, you will be able to use more cycles and thus wash all the dirty laundry that you have in your RV.


Main disadvantage


Some customers have reported that the plastic drainage hose is too thin and that it can end up getting damaged quite easily. This means that unless looked after carefully, the hose can get punctured which can leave the machine leaking water.

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Top features explained


Save space

When purchasing an item for your RV, the one key factor that you need to keep in mind always is the space. The room that such a vehicle offers is limited which is why you need to pay close attention to the overall dimension of your appliances. The Portable Mini is an option that seems to have mastered this crucial factor.

This portable appliance is ideal for small loads, and it makes it perfect to use in an RV or even in a small apartment. It is not only small but also light and that makes moving the product around an easy and straightforward process. You can now say goodbye to clunky washers that are a pain to use.

The small and light construction does not mean that you will get a product that gets damaged easily. This alternative has a sturdy construction and uses only the best materials available which makes it a sound investment for the future.

Don’t waste any time

If you’ve ever used a washing machine, you know that even one set of clothes can take a lot of time. When you’re on the go, you don’t have the luxury of waiting on your washer which is why this option features a timer for 15 minutes and the spin timer for 5 minutes per load.

You get much more freedom and options compared to the standard machines that have pre-programmed settings. With this model, you can choose the time that is suitable for you. Even with the 15 minutes timer, your clothes will get cleaned correctly, so you shouldn’t worry that you trade quality for time.


Easy to use

The Portable Mini is a model that can be used by everyone; it features an intuitive control scheme that makes interacting with it a real pleasure. When you use the spin tube, you have a cover plate that you can put above clothes and avoid the high speed throw away.

As a plus, the washer features a removable lint trap that will save you from any potentially nasty clogged drains as well as a removable trap on the spinner for convenient cleaning.


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