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Great recipes you can cook in your RV

Last Updated: 01.12.22


RV cooking isn’t the easiest task in the world. However, if you keep a set of several simple things in mind, you can enjoy healthy food while on the road. Planning your menus ahead is a great idea, as you’ll know what supplies to purchase before going on the road. Be sure to consider preparing a final dinner before going home. Take notes and consider the people who are picky eaters or whose health can’t allow them to eat anything.

Some individuals are lactose or gluten-intolerant, and if that sounds like the people you want to go RVing with, consider their needs as well.

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Simple one-dish meals

Low-hassle options don’t require a lot of work, as they can be prepared in a timely fashion and often times are more simple than you might think. For example, some spaghetti and salad can brighten one’s day. For delicious pasta, simply take some good noodles, a good tomato sauce and some pre-grated Parmesan cheese.

Frozen food is yet another noteworthy idea, as you’ll be able to enjoy some lasagna or a casserole even while on the road. After all, baking in an RV is close to impossible.


Meal suggestions

Some of the most common and easy-to-make alternatives require very little effort and are quite nutritious. For breakfast, think anything that involves an egg, such as a frittata or scrambled eggs. If you don’t want any hassle, you might want to try some sandwiches or a canned soup for lunch. Dinner can be anything from hot dogs and burgers to potatoes and canned or frozen veggies. Snacks may include popcorn, crackers, cheese dips, fruit, and granola bars.


All-in-one burger

Everyone loves a burger from time to time. The neatest thing about this recipe is that it’s easy to make and the ingredients can be found pretty much anywhere on the road. All you need is some ground beef, a carrot, a potato, half a cup of breadcrumbs, a small onion, an egg, and salt and pepper. As it is to be expected, all of the ingredients have to be cut, minced or grated, and then mixed together. It’s one of the simplest meals to prepare after you’ve reached the campsite.


Simple pizza

This is a somewhat more complex recipe compared to the previously described all-in-one burger. For one, you need a can of crescent rolls, a cup of sausage, a cup of shredded potatoes and a cup of shredded cheddar cheese or any type of cheese that melts. Other ingredients include diced onion, a quarter cup of milk, and five eggs. The rolls should be pressed onto a pan. Next, the ingredients have to be spread out, and the eggs have to be beaten with the milk. This mixture should be poured over the toppings. 25 minutes should be enough for a baking temperature of 375 degrees F.



Easy burritos

Our final recipe requires the following ingredients: ground sausage, one dozen eggs, a large jar of salsa, a quarter cup of chopped onion, half a cup of chopped bell pepper, several flour tortillas and some shredded Colby cheese. Adjust the quantities according to the number of portions you’d like to prepare. Cook the sausage half way and then add the onions and the peppers. Add the whipped eggs in the same pan once the onion is transparent. The salsa and the cheese should be added at the exact moment when the eggs begin to become stiff. Before preparing the burritos, microwave the tortillas for two to three minutes, as they’ll be easier to roll.


5 dishes you can cook in a RV


One of the advantages of traveling in an RV is that you still have many of the comforts of home, and this includes a kitchen. It may be small, often the stove only comes with two burners and counter space is severely limited, but you can cook great tasting and nutritious meals while you are on the road. Not only can cooking in an RV add to your sense of adventure, it is also a great way to save some money. Here are 5 of the top dishes that you can easily cook in your RV.




  1. Classic grill cheese


After a long day driving or exploring the area the last thing you want to do is spend hours putting a meal together. Grill cheese sandwiches are delicious and easy to make, even on a small stovetop. All you need is a frying pan, butter, cheese and sliced bread, and in a matter of minutes you can sit down and enjoy dinner.


  1. Spaghetti


Nothing is easier than spaghetti, and it is also a dish that almost everyone is familiar with and loves. If you are used to making your own sauce then you might want to bring a jar with you, otherwise settle for a store bought brand. The goal is to keep it simple while you are on vacation, so you don’t want to spend hours making your own sauce. Simply boil the pasta on one burner and warm the sauce on the other. When both are finished serve and enjoy.


  1. Pancakes


There is something special about pancakes for breakfast when you are on vacation, and they taste even better when you can sit outside and enjoy a spectacular view. Thanks to the jugs of batter that you simply add water to and shake, it is also incredibly easy to make a lot of pancakes in an RV. Pour the batter into a heated skillet, and flip the pancakes when the edges are golden. Serve on a plate with syrup with any fresh fruit that you may have found on the way and you have a delicious and filling breakfast that will keep you going, at least until lunchtime.


  1. Grill bags


Some people are hesitant to use the oven in the RV. It is small, will heat the inside of the RV up to uncomfortable temperatures and doesn’t always cook food the same as your oven at home, but it is fully functional. A grill bag is an easy way to make dinner in the tiny oven, without leaving a huge mess to clean up. Simply add small potatoes, half ears of corn or any other veggies that grill well, along with small pieces of meat. Season to taste, fold the foil packet up and let it marinate while you are out enjoying your day. When you get back to the RV pop the packets in the oven for 20-25 minutes and you are ready to enjoy a hot dinner.


  1. Baked potatoes


Whether you just put butter and sour cream on your potato or load it up with cheese, broccoli and other toppings they are easy to make in a RV. Simply follow the same steps that you do at home, just make sure you use aluminum foil and clean up will be as easy as it was to make dinner.