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Liquid Roof Proguard F99911 Review

Last Updated: 01.12.22

Main advantage


After you’ve used this RV roof sealant on your vehicle, there will be no signs of cracking or peeling, which is essentially the primary purpose that it should reach. A suitable sealant must protect the roofing from harmful exterior factors such as weather conditions and excessive rain that can cause leaks.

However, by using this product you avoid this unpleasant situation, because not only does it create a stable horizontal surface for the roof finish but it also manages to keep dirt and humidity out while maintaining a bright, polished look.


Main disadvantage


There have been complaints from some customers saying that it sometimes takes too long a time for the bubbles to flatten out. If you do not let this product sit, the rubber might react, and bubbles might appear while it’s curing, which can affect the overall quality of the layer that will be left behind.

However, you can avoid this effect by taking care of the environment that you work in. Applying this sealant in the correct temperature conditions and respecting the manufacturer’s instructions should save you from having to deal with these sorts of issues.

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Top 3 features explained


Liquid form

This sealant comes in the form of EPDM rubber, one of the most common materials used for this type of product. However, it does come in liquid form, so this is what makes it easy to apply without having many professional tools to perform this task.

You don’t need to put in that much effort, and the end result is a lot more even and perfected than it would be if you would use other alternatives. You can get everything covered and sealed with just a one-layer application, and you won’t have to worry about water leaks or dirt.




Another essential aspect when it comes to this product is the surface that you can cover using just one container of the substance. According to the instructions from the manufacturer, one packaging should be more than enough for 42 to 46 square feet, given that you use one coating as it was recommended.

That should be more than enough to cover the roof of your RV with one container, so you can also say that this item has good value for the money, especially considering the fact that you won’t have to reapply the formula to ensure its efficiency.



There have been many reviews from satisfied customers saying that they enjoyed this product and that most importantly it manages to recoat the roof of an RV and give it a nice, polished look, but simultaneously keeps the dirt, debris and water infiltrations out.

You can use it to refresh the look of your vehicle or just because you need to perform a cleaning routine, but make sure that you get rid of any residual waste on your RV roof before you apply this formula because otherwise, it will affect its composition and its efficiency just the same.


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