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MAGELLAN RoadMate RV9490T-LMB Review

Last Updated: 30.09.22


Main advantage


This model is designed to deliver a dependable fusion of RV-friendly navigation and safety tools to get you to your destination. Providing extremely useful, real-time route information, this GPS device helps make every RV journey a truly pleasant and enjoyable experience. It comes with all the basic features you would want to find in your RV GPS including a generous-capacity touchscreen display, a powerful Android Operating System, connectivity to valuable localized information sources, and a host of other extras that can help make you confident about your trip plans and routes. This device is loaded with next-generation navigation tools that enable you to drive safely while saving on fuel costs and time and ultimately enjoying every road trip through your RV lifestyle.


Main disadvantage


According to one customer, this model works just as advertised. However, it is not strong on backup and restoration of the GPS maps and software. When the download process gets interrupted, the GPS fails to function properly unless the corrupted files get repaired and then the download is retried. The corrupted files are brought to the attention of Microsoft when USB port connection is done, upon which the system provides an option for correcting the problem. The download needs to be completed, which can very well take more than an hour at the most. However, once that matter is adequately handled, all the other features such as Bluetooth, WiFi, content updates according to your current location as well as satellite signals will work as designed. Apparently, the primary issue/s for this device are all connected to the downloading of updates.


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Top 3 features explained


This device ensures safe and easy navigation of your recreational vehicle.

This RV GPS is designed to deliver routing information based on the type of RV you drive. First, it takes the profile of your vehicle and then gives you personalized routes based on the length, width, weight and height of your RV, as well as your driving style. It comes preloaded with RV-specific points of interest which include: Good Sam RV Travel Guide & Campground Directory; RV dump or sanitation Stations; Fuel Location POIs, for easy locating of fuel stations for diesel or gas that offer cheaper costs; WalMart® locations; and Geo-tag Navigation, which lets you input geo-tag parameters namely, the Latitude/ Longitude information, so you can drive using a precise route to your destination.

This GPS also comes with RV Safe Navigation Tools, for effortless and convenient destination driving. With more alerts on the road, you can easily manage routes during travels. These include: Speed Camera and Traffic Camera Alerts by PhantomALERT™; Speed Limit Warnings; Free Real-time Traffic Alerts; Yellow Warning Signs; Next Two-Turn Visibility; Toll Plaza Alerts; Landmark Guidance; Animated Lane Assist; and Junction View for signposts.


This device is inarguably easy to use.

Equipped with a large 7-inch high- definition glass touchscreen display supplemented with the built-in Android Operating System, this model ensures hassle-free viewing of information, hastens user interaction with it and also ensures dependable and timely responsiveness so you can drive safely, thanks to how it makes faster calculations for a superb navigation experience. The touchscreen display is designed to deliver easy viewing with crystal-clear data as well as exceptional touch sensitivity. The tablet-grade screen delivers visibility, with automatic and adjustable day and night viewing. Serving as your Dedicated Virtual Dashboard, it provides on-the-road trip information such as direction, speed limits, elevation, grade and other vital information to ensure convenience.


This GPS unit for RVs offers versatility.

Get on-the-go information with Advanced Weather Alerts via an informative weather map featuring graphic overlays of temperature, precipitation, or severe weather warning data according to your destination, current location, as well as along your route. This device is also AV-in Ready to accommodate a Magellan Wireless Back-up or Rearview Camera. Enjoy Hands-Free Calling via Bluetooth®, as this device can be used as a speakerphone when paired with your smartphone. The OneTouch™ Favorites Menu accepts personalization and bookmarking of your regular destinations. You can also plan multiple stops to your destination by letting the device choose the most cost-effective route.


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