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Magellan RV 9490T-LMB Review

Last Updated: 01.12.22






With its bright 7 inch display you can clearly view your intended route, even in a large RV. The sensitive touchscreen makes it easy to navigate through the simple menu so you can select your route and get on with your trip. You can customize your route based on the specifications of your RV, and the type of roads you are comfortable driving on. It also comes with Wi-Fi and bluetooth connectivity so you can enjoy the convenience of hands free calling





Overall this RV GPS by Magellan has received favorable reviews. It comes with the basic features you need to safely plot a route you will be comfortable driving in a large RV. Some consumers have noted that the traffic alerts can be delayed occasionally, but this can occur with almost any GPS device.

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Top 3 features explained



One of the first aspects you’ll notice on this RV GPS is the bright 7 inch display. It is designed to clearly show your intended route in almost any lighting so you always know exactly where you are going. Since it measures 7 inches it is large enough to be clearly seen in most RVs, even when it is mounted in the center of the dash. The touchscreen makes it easy for you to navigate through the menu, simply tap the icon and select the setting you want. The screen can also be divided to display your route, along with any traffic alerts and convenient RV friendly gas stations.



Since not all RVs are designed the same you want the GPS device you choose to be compatible with the type of recreation vehicle you are driving. Not only will this make the GPS unit more practical to use, it can also help prevent accidents that could ruin your trip. This device can be customized to the type and size of your RV. This will help to ensure you don’t find yourself stuck under a low bridge or a road that is too narrow to navigate. You can also select your route based on your preferences, and this can take a lot of the stress out of driving a large recreational vehicle.



This RV GPS comes with plenty of features that ensure it is a good value for your money. It comes with a lifetime of free map and traffic updates so you will always know the best route to take to your destination. It will also show you nearby restaurants, gas stations and RV friendly rest stops, which is always a convenient extra to have when you are on a long trip. Best of all this RV GPS also comes with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity. This allows you to receive phone calls without having to take your hands off of the steering wheel. With all of the features and functions you need to plan a route that is safe and stress free, it is easy to see why this GPS device is a favorite with RVers.


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