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Magma A10-603 Adventurer Gas Grill Review

Last Updated: 01.12.22


Main advantage


Perhaps the main feature of this grill has to be its transportability, or particularly the way it can ensure that all the components reach their destination safely. Collapsible models sure save a lot of storage space, but there’s always the possibility of vital parts being lost on the way.

This isn’t the case with the A10-603, because its locking lid not only protects the meat and vegetables from unexpected weather conditions while they’re cooking, but it also makes sure that all the components stay in the grill while you’re busy finding the perfect spot for a barbeque.


Main disadvantage


It’s certainly challenging to find a weak spot for this exciting alternative, but as a few customers have complained, perhaps the most inconvenient aspect is that it can only be used on land.

Even though it has the characteristics required to cook and keep food sheltered from weather conditions even on a boat, the manufacturers have instructed that it’s not to be used this way. However, if you’re only looking for a grill for your RV and you’re not willing to use it anyplace else, this will fit your needs just fine.


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Top 3 features explained



The one thing that ensures this model’s durability is the sturdiness of the structure. Manufactured using 100% stainless steel, this item is likely to withstand time without bearing much of a mark.

The fact that the design is collapsible doesn’t do much to affect this aspect. It only increases the user’s chances of packing more efficiently and using the storage space in their RV with enhanced practicality

Do not allow yourself to be fooled by the glossy finish of this option. It may look like it’s not a durable material, but it most certainly is.


The grill is designed to be used in combination with a commonly found one pound propane fuel canister. It does not come in the package, but it’s easy to find it in a local shop or maybe even order it online, given that it’s the usual type of supply required for these items.

If not, you can adapt the device to a fuel system that’s already in place, be it low-pressure propane, which might make it easier to slow cook dishes that otherwise you wouldn’t be able to prepare using this model, or a natural gas fuel system, depending on your options and budget.



We all know how cleaning after you’ve used the product can be a tedious task. Well, in the case of the A10-603, things are made a lot more straightforward by the addition of the side access grease tray.

The bits and scraps of food that fall during the cooking process are all collected here, and you don’t need to work your way through the grill grates to clean it. You need to pull it out by the side and wash it separately, perhaps even throw it in the dishwasher when you reach your home.


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