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Magma A10-801 TrailMate Gas Grill Review

Last Updated: 01.12.22


Main advantage


The most striking feature of this grill is the way it can go from zero to 400 degrees Fahrenheit in just a matter of seconds. This is a particular way of cooking meals that not everyone might enjoy, but it’s great for steaks, burgers, and nothing too fancy. It will significantly reduce the time you spend waiting around for your meal to be ready.

However, if you prefer, you can adjust your option and try a low volume gas valve that will allow you to experiment with slow cooking. This way, the grill can be used to create exquisite dishes, that is, of course, if you have the patience. Its adaptability is an aspect worth mentioning.


Main disadvantage


Despite having many useful features, this product doesn’t seem to have it all. There have been complaints from some users that said the material does not age well, meaning that stains from food that accidentally slips from the cooking surface will leave a mark on the glossy finish it has when it’s new.

This may not, however, be a problem of the core material, but instead of the coating finish that’s been added on top. What this means is that, in time, the surface may not look as good as new, but the durability of this item and the sturdy construction will make sure it endures.

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Top 3 features explained


The design

This grill is manufactured with the purpose of bringing a high-quality cooking device to transportable dimensions. The shape collapses to the volume of the metallic box, the legs being folded down underneath.

The process of mounting this item back on is not complicated at all, and it doesn’t require any mechanical experience. It’s great if you’re planning to use it not just for a road trip with your family, but maybe for a day fishing on a boat, given that due to its lid, wind or weather conditions aren’t a problem.

Cooking surface

Despite not being fit for any significant events such as parties with more than ten people, this grill is perfect for cooking burgers or steaks or any other simple meals for two to four people.

It has a cooking surface of approximately 108 square inches, and it can accommodate just enough edibles simultaneously so that the people waiting to be served can all eat at the same time, a requirement that, if not met, can cause a lot of unpleasant reactions.


A smart purchase

This item is designed with professional quality in mind, but it doesn’t by any means have a price tag that’s repelling. It comes at a somewhat affordable price for its range in the current market.

Aside from that, one more reason for which this is a smart purchase would be the fact that you get a one year warranty from the manufacturer. Any damage that might occur within a year will be taken care of without any extra costs so that you can keep enjoying your family meals without worrying about that.


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