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NPP NP6-180Ah Review

Last Updated: 30.09.22

Main advantage


This model is very similar to the other NPP alternative we’ve reviewed in another article, so likewise the most striking feature is probably its efficiency, allowing you to charge multiple devices at the same time and being a reliable source of power in case of a power outage or another similar event.

You can use it to make sure you sustain communication with your loved ones when you’re out on a trip or during troubling events, or merely if you’re at home and too far from a power source. It’s UL Certified and has also obtained ISO9001 and ISO14001 certifications.


Main disadvantage


Its weight and dimensions are probably the features that can be called obstacles when it comes to this model. It measures 10.2 by 7.1 by 9.7, and it’s pretty heavy to be maneuvered with ease. The best solution would be to mount this battery somewhere when you arrive and leave it there for the trip.

Even though it can be cumbersome and bulky, it’s worth mentioning that this model is not developed to be carried by hand, so if you transport it using a vehicle you won’t have to deal with this issue.

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Top 3 features explained



Similarly to the other NPP model, this battery’s case is exceptionally resistant to outside factors, so you can store it virtually anywhere without having to worry that the environment is going to cause any damage. It’s made of non-conductive ABS plastic that protects the user from accidentally hurting themselves.

Aside from protecting the user, the material also conceals the insides of the unit, sheltering the circuits from the harmful exterior. It’s resistant to mechanical shock, so nothing much will happen if you hit it. It’s also immune to other dangers such as chemicals, vibration or extreme weather conditions.


You can charge virtually anything using this battery, just as you could with the other product we’ve reviewed from the same brand. So, in case of a power outage, you can use this unit to recharge essential communication devices and reach out to your friends and relatives for help.

Should you need to use this item only for camping trips, you’ll find you will now be able to bring many of your home devices with you, because you’ll have a reliable way of charging them and getting them ready for use while being away from home.



A warranty offered by the manufacturer protects this product, so you can rest assured in case some damage occurs during the first year of use. However, this is not probably going to happen, because the brand carefully checks all of the batteries from NPP before being released to the market.

Finally, you can rest assured and purchase this product with confidence, knowing that you can recharge the majority of your most needed devices with it, and the chances of any mishaps or damage occurring are minimal.


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