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NPP NP6-200Ah Review

Last Updated: 01.12.22

Main advantage


Perhaps the most relevant feature that this item has to offer is the fact that it can help you stay charged for several days after you go off the grid. It has received quite a number of certifications that attest its success, including the ISO9001 and the ISO14001.

It’s a deep cycle battery that works on 6 volts and 200 amps, and it can provide you with enough energy to recharge most of your valuable devices while you’re away on a trip. It’s excellent for camping or for any time when you might be away from a power source in general, even at home in case of a natural disaster.


Main disadvantage


Although there haven’t been many complaints with regards to this item, the most you could say is that it comes in a pretty heavy packaging, so it’s difficult to maneuver it. The battery itself weighs 65 pounds, so if you’re planning on traveling with it, you obviously can’t carry it by hand.

However, if you own an RV or you’re traveling by car, and you need a power source at the camping site, chances are that this model will be able to satisfy your needs.

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Top 3 features explained



One of the most acknowledged features that this model has to offer is its resistance to extreme conditions, which will prove to be very useful in harsh environments. It can withstand rain, hot weather or even mechanical shock, in case it’s hit by an object.

The non-corrosive ABS plastic ensures that this unit is protected by a durable case that will not be affected by regular issues such as corrosion or rust. Also, it’s important to mention that the case also contains information on the battery, including voltage, instructions, and a few cautionary messages.




There’s a wide range of uses that can be found for this battery, and some of them include charging an alarm system or an emergency light system, which you’ll find pretty helpful in case of a power outage when you’re going to need to feel secure, and all the electricity will be down.

What’s more, other devices you can keep charged include telecommunication systems and computer standby power supply systems, which will prove themselves helpful if you want to get in contact with your friends or relatives while you’re away from home or during a period of time when other means of communication don’t work.


Warranty and efficiency

The manufacturers carefully test these products before releasing them to the markets, so it’s safe to say that the chances of any mishaps occurring have been significantly lowered.

If you’re still unsure about buying such a product, despite all the reassurances, you should know that a one-year warranty protects all the batteries, meant to make you feel at ease with your decision.

You can always change your mind if you’re not satisfied with what the item offers you, and whichever problem you may have you can contact the manufacturer, and they will do their best to solve it.


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