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Renogy RNG-BATT-AGM12-100 Review

Last Updated: 01.12.22

Main advantage


There is a reason for this product’s popularity amongst customers, and that is its huge capacity which enables you to store solar produced energy in massive quantity. Thanks to this feature, it can be used for powering household appliances which demand quite a lot of input, such as a residential refrigerator or complete illumination systems.

Even though the battery is massive and heavy, the effort of carrying it pays off as its extensive capacity allows you to charge it on a sunny day and then relax and enjoy the benefits when the weather outside prevents further charging. After powering the essentials, it still has enough energy left to feed your entertainment gadgets such as TVs or laptops.


Main disadvantage


The main disadvantage of this product is that great care must be taken when operating it. To keep it functional and efficient, you will have to be very careful not to misuse the Renogy Deep Cycle battery.

Once bought, they must be charged for at least a few hours before use. Furthermore, it is essential to prevent them from becoming thoroughly drained. If the battery has been discharged, one must recharge it immediately, or otherwise, it will lose its capacity to charge fully. This renders it unable to power large consumers such as refrigerators and can significantly increase the time it requires to reach its maximum capacity.  

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Top 3 features explained



A prime feature this product offers is its versatility; being a general purpose deep cycle battery, it can be used for many purposes, such as lighting, powering household appliances installed on an RV or providing enough backup energy for those in need of some independence from the power grid.

Optimized for solar energy storage applications, the battery has been used by customers for a variety of tasks in or around their RVs. They mentioned using one or more of these products to power refrigerators, powerful lighting systems or electronic gadgets, making it ideal for daily use. The manufacturer also recommends using it as a backup power source.


Another convenience of using the Renogy Deep Cycle battery is the fact that it has a maintenance-free design. The product is sealed, and you do not have to make any interventions to it, as it has been manufactured to be leak-proof, spill-proof and corrosion resistant, making it suitable for outdoor applications.

It is good to know that no maintenance is required as this item is known for being very big and heavy. Under these circumstances, having to move it from place to place to have it fixed would be a significant problem, which has been solved with the innovative maintenance-free operation.


Other aspects

Last but not least, a feature making this model an excellent choice is the optimized capability of instantly discharging high currents. The manufacturer specifies that the maximum discharge current is of about 1200 A, which is more than enough for any emergency situation.

This advantage will come in very handy if this battery is used as a backup power source. When it starts operating, it will keep a lot of significant consumers online, giving you precious time to turn them off and unplug them safely. Furthermore, this makes the design far more versatile while improving overall performance and increases your comfort.


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