RV Designer M565 Powerqube RV Gadgets Review

Last Updated: 16.10.19


Main advantage


With this charger, you won’t have to worry that your electronic device won’t charge. Due to the unique technologies employed on this model, it is capable of identifying what kind of equipment you hooked it with so that it can deliver the right amount of voltage. The SP technology used by the manufacturer makes this possible, and many users appreciate the freedom they get for using it with any device they want.


Main disadvantage


Bear in mind that the manufacturer offers only a 90-day limited warranty, so, if you experience any malfunction after three months, it will be impossible to ask for a refund. Seeing how many benefits the unit offers, however, you might get to enjoy it for a long time without a glitch.

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Top 3 features explained


Independently charging up to 5 devices

It is crucial that your charger can handle the type of devices you are hooking it up with. As said earlier, this model comes equipped with a unique technology that allows it to identify the devices that are connected with it so that the voltage supplied is not lower or higher than needed. That serves for ensuring the integrity of your electronics.

Along the same line, we must also talk about how powerful this model is. It can be used for charging five devices at the same time. It has three USB ports, and two AC outlets, so there is almost nothing this one cannot do.

Compact and ideal for RV traveling

While it is capable of quick charging three USB devices and two AC powered units at the same time, the unit is not bulky. The number one reason why RV owners favor this model so much is its very compact size. You will find it easy to carry around, and it will become your number one choice when you need to pick something for your RV trips so that you can remain connected.

The size of the unit will help you accommodate it with ease in a backpack or luggage. When you go camping, the chances are that you will use your smartphone and tablet more than usual, and that means that you need a charger that the entire family can use.

Since it has enough outlets available, there will never be anyone left out, and you can practically use it to prevent conflicts between family members.


Detachable power cord

A compact size definitely helps with portability, but so does a detachable power cord. This is an advantage that you should not overlook. When you pack your charger, you surely do not want the cable to bend at the area where it connects with the charger, as it can become damaged over time, rendering the charger unusable, too.

The cord has 5 feet in length, so you will have plenty of leeway as to where you can plug it in. Many RV owners will appreciate this feature, as it gives them the freedom they need when they go camping.


Buy from Amazon.com for ($26.21)




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