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Last Updated: 30.09.22


What is an RV GPS?


An RV GPS is a device that provides you with directions when travelling. The GPS (Global Positioning System) device uses the Global Navigation Satellite System to calculate distances and specific locations by intercepting microwave systems coming from satellites. Though in the beginning the GPS was designed for military purposes, today, most drivers use one, in order to be able to reach distant locations without getting lost. The majority of these devices will not only calculate the distance between two points and provide you with direction indications, but will also approximate the time it will take you to arrive there and, to prevent you from being distracted from driving, they will audio instruct you while you are on your way to a specific destination. RV devices are especially designed to be installed in a RV. One such item should be built with the main purpose of helping your vehicle find the best RV routes, parks and campgrounds. Of course, if you live the whole time in one, it is mandatory that you possess an especially designed GPS that will help you save gas and time when travelling from one place to another.


Who makes the best RV GPS units?

There are many manufacturers that have dedicated their resources to the fabrication of RV GPS units and that is why it is difficult to reduce their number to a single name. But, if it were to choose a specific brand, you should probably rely on renowned brands such as Garmin, Randy McNell or Magellan that put a lot of effort and professionalism in creating new devices that use today’s newest technologies and features. Many of these products include the already classical features of a GPS unit, but allow you to connect your GPS to your iPhone, perform internet searches, offer you regular updates on traffic or possible road blocks caused by accidents and will check for auto shops.

In addition, they will allow you to choose from several trajectories that are best for an RV. If you have regular places to go at different intervals, the GPS will memorize the route and, when you revisit a destination you just need to search it in the memory of your device and it will show up on its screen. Quite useful for users is the RV GPS’s predictive function that will show you a number of locations matching your search when you type the first letters of a place or city. Great GPS units will function using your vehicles socket, but will be fitted with a rechargeable battery for the cases in which you want to find your way back to your RV. However, batteries will keep your device running for maximum 3 or 4 hours.


Why is an RV GPS useful?

By providing you with all these benefits RV GPS units can make travelling days a lot easier for you. You will get to the wanted location faster, and without the usual nerve-racking situations that come up when going to an unfamiliar destination. It is really worth investing in a quality product and not in one that offers only basic tracking features.


Where can I buy RV GPS units?

RV GPS are commercialized in most electronic stores, but, if you want a specific product, designed for RVs, you should search the internet for the best offers.