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RVing through Europe – the best destinations

Last Updated: 30.09.22


RVing through Europe provides you the flexibility to go anywhere you want anytime, aside from eliminating the need to move luggage in and out of lodging places and different vehicles. You bring your home with you so there’s no need to watch the time all the time. You can easily buy local products and enjoy them comfortably in your mobile home and not have to ensure heavily that they don’t spoil on the way, since you can partake of them while on the road. Visit outdoor markets and local grocers and enjoy freshly cooked food every time. Perfect for exploring Europe on a budget, RV Europe travel is the ideal means to enjoy a family getaway experience to any destination.

1.RVing through Europe – the best destinations




Just a ferry ride away from Italy, Barcelona offers an idyllic setting for family holidays that can last a month or longer. Get your groceries delivered to you and enjoy winter with plenty of Northern Europeans every year. Get amazing bargains and enjoy fantastic luxurious products along with the best croissants you can get in Europe.




Visit charming towns in Bordeaux surrounded by gorgeous vineyards that allow easy bike jaunts with your kids. Some towns boast impressive playgrounds, tennis, pools, lakes and eating places and more to add to Bordeaux’s special enchantment.




There are awesome resorts in Dubrovnik that come with world class amenities including hotels, pools, beaches, children’s clubs and all that you can hope for in these types of destinations.




The perfect place to go to in the picturesque hills of Chianti, Tuscany offers plenty of enjoyment for families and visitors of all ages. Getting to Florence is easy from Tuscany, where you can do horseback riding and wine tasting while discovering the beauty of the countryside from a plush base. There are water parks galore that the whole family can enjoy.




Your RV provides the best means to explore the beauty and grandeur of Venice. There are plenty of pools, beaches and all the best convenience possible for a European holiday. Your family can even get a fantastic boat ride to St. Marco’s Square. There’s an abundance of five-star rated camping resorts so you are never short on parking.

2.RVing through Europe – the best destinations


Europe has more than 30,000 campsites so you can choose to stay in a different one every night. France has the largest concentration of all European campsites at 10,500. You can choose from immense five-star holiday complexes to small caravan sites that provide affordable, basic camping amenities. You can check out mini-camping or small campsites that vary from gardens to club-administered locations and sites in the United Kingdom. Quite popular in France is farm camping that is open for the summer. Plenty of small, rural campgrounds can be found in Germany, Denmark and Holland, and those are frequently connected to restaurants and farms.


Many European countries also offer dedicated motorhome parking areas, with many of them offered free, letting you tour Europe without ever having to pay for parking or camping. You may only have to pay for water in such locations. On the other hand, there are motorhome stopovers that do charge parking fees along with charges for water.