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Smoke Hollow 205 Portable Gas Grill Review

Last Updated: 01.12.22


Main advantage


The Smoke Hollow 205 offers plenty of cooking area, further supplemented by a warming rack, so you will be able to handle a large number of people in one go.


Main disadvantage


The low-temperature range will make it somewhat hard to operate precisely, but this is a common problem with these types of items and is slightly justified by the low cost.

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Top 3 features explained



Good specifications

It has a generous cooking surface in excess of 200 square inches, which is further supplemented by the addition of a warming rack for bread or vegetables.

The maximum heating power is of around 10,000 BTU/h which should prove enough even for it to tackle steak and red meat in relatively large quantities. The Smoke Hollow 205 also comes with a temperature gauge to decrease the risk of burning the food with the lid closed.

Opinions regarding the proneness to flare-ups are mixed, with some users saying that it performs well while others say that it doesn’t raise up to par. What’s clear is that it is outfitted with a small dripping tray, that will also make it easier to clean besides allowing the grease to stay away from the flame.


At around 20 lb in weight, this is not the lightest portable grill out there, but it is fairly compact, with foldable legs, and a sizeable carrying handle on the lid will make it easier to transport. It comes factory adapted to use 1 lb disposable propane tanks, so the whole assembly shouldn’t impose too many challenges due to weight.

Fittings for a 20 lb tank can be purchased from the same manufacturer, as well as a 4-feet universal propane gas hose, so its use doesn’t have to be limited by the supply of fuel available.

Considering the price range, the build quality of this product has been found to be fairly good, and clearly sturdy enough for extended outdoor use. Both the lid and the extensible legs fall in place quite nicely and don’t pose any problem to operate.

As a user-friendly feature, this grill uses a Piezo igniter, which should allow you to start it at the push of a button, with no external flame required. This is however known to be somewhat unreliable, but people who’ve experienced issues found Smoke Hollow customer support to be extremely helpful.

One Smoke Hollow 205 review points out that this model doesn’t manage to avoid one of the most common problems on items of its type, namely that of a low-temperature range, of merely 100 F. We believe that this is a justifiable downside, considering the low price.



The Smoke Hollow 205 stainless steel tabletop grill offers all the functionality you would desire from such a product but does so for a significantly lower price than other similar models.


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