The Benefits of Using an RV GPS

Last Updated: 18.01.20


A tailgate bike pad is ideal for people who own both a truck and a few mountain bikes, and who like to take their bicycles with them while traveling. And speaking of traveling, another item that can help you a lot is a good RV GPS. It can help you pick the fastest and safest routes, pinpoint your location with accuracy, and offer many other benefits you were not even aware of.


What is an RV GPS?

Before we dive more into this subject, we need to make sure that everyone knows what we are talking about. An RV GPS is a GPS unit that looks like a tablet which is specifically designed for RV drivers.

Besides the GPS function that will help you arrive at your destination in a safe and timely manner, most models allow you to customize the information based on the details of your RV model. You might wonder why is this important. Well, on the road ahead, you might encounter restrictions for certain vehicle weights or sizes. 

With such a GPS unit, you are notified about this, and the device will show you the best alternative. With the help of a specialized GPS designed for RVers, it is much easier to plan your trip from the very beginning. 


Why should you use a GPS unit and not your smartphone?

Users have quickly discovered that a GPS device serves as quite an essential component of your RV. It allows you to find places and the locations of relevant facilities. You can also use it to find places you have not visited before and which you are unfamiliar with. Furthermore, it is remarkably useful in exploring the countryside as well. 

Even though you might think that you could use your smartphone for the same purpose, and there are plenty of helpful applications, you should know that a GPS unit works much better. Indeed, smartphones are extraordinary gadgets to have but there are situations when it is not advantageous to use them instead of an actual GPS device. 

One of the reasons for which a smartphone is not the best choice as a navigation system is the screen size which is much smaller and less clear than that of a GPS. The latter usually comes with a large screen, offering increased visibility, and promotes ease of navigation. 



The top-rated models also have navigation software that comes with all the essential features for you to navigate without any trouble. There are other useful features installed on a GPS unit such as landmark navigation, predictive lane change notifications, text-to-speech, and many others, depending on the model as well. 

Once you give it a try, you will find the GPS unit indispensable as it is a device made specifically for serving as a remarkable navigation system. Comparing it with a smartphone, you will use your navigation system for just one purpose, while the mobile may cause distractions which is not a good thing when you are on the road. 

For increased convenience, safety, and peace of mind, an RV GPS is a much better choice.


What features to look for?

If you plan on buying an RV GPS unit, there are some things you should take into consideration in order to get the product you will be most comfortable with and that will serve you based on your traveling needs. One of the most important factors is the screen size. We have mentioned this before so you might have gathered that the bigger the screen, the better. 

Since you will be on the road, driving, you need a device with a large enough screen for you to clearly see your route in a matter of seconds. You should not get a device with a smaller screen size than five inches. If the budget allows you, you should even consider a seven-inch unit. In case of a smaller screen, you will have a hard time glancing at the images that are displayed. 

As a consequence, your focus may be divided between driving, checking the unit, driving, and double-checking. You do not want that! If you are often on the road and on your own, a small screen is definitely a big no-no. 

Using the controls of a GPS unit is another thing to consider. Look at the interface and determine how easy it is to use the controls. The touchscreen models are the easiest to use and create less hassle. While you are at it, check the load time as well. 

The idea is for you to be able to operate the unit as quickly and as easily as possible and find the information that you want fast.

The text-to-speech function works by customizing the unit system’s voice to inform you when to turn right or left. It will also inform you about the route or street to take. It is more convenient to associate indicators with what the audio tells you, and this makes navigation and traveling much easier and enjoyable. 



Before you decide on a specific model, you should also check how easy it is to mount it. You may also need to purchase a separate mounting system, or there might be certain additional tools you need to use in order to install it. Windshield mounts with suction cups are very popular in this sense. 

However, you should make sure that the one you select has a sturdy and angled arm which will ensure that the device is attached to the cup. A gooseneck arm should be avoided because it has a tendency of vibrating when the RV is moving. 

For your convenience, you should get one that easily snaps into place or slides to remove. Some GPS units come with the mounting system, so you will not have to search for this item as well.

Technology never ceases to amaze us. Every day we hear about new discoveries and more and more devices are created to improve our lifestyles or to make things easy for us. As you can see, a GPS unit should be an indispensable piece of equipment in your RV.

Why? Because it was specifically designed to guide you on the best possible routes and to offer a lot of information about roads, restrictions, and various places you might be interested in. With its help, you will be able to safely arrive at your destination and to enjoy your trip until you get there. 




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