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The best gadgets you should have in your RV

Last Updated: 01.12.22


A full time RVer or even the weekend RVer should invest in some pretty awesome gadgets that will help them stay connected, use problem-free technology that’s way better than a paper map (but keep the paper map in case of emergency), or enjoy entertainment on the go, along with many other things.

1 .The best gadgets you should have in your RV




With full deference to those who defiantly still carry a paper map, which any avid RVer should still have in the glove compartment, the RV GPS offers a whole new and exciting way to find routes specific to your recreational vehicle while focusing on the weight and height restrictions that apply to your particular RV. Now, no map can hope to equal that especially if you own any of the top rated RV GPS models on the market. You can always use your smartphones and tablets as some sort of GPS device but you need someone to do the searching on them since you can’t do that yourself while driving.


Portable Speaker


You can’t possibly see yourself carrying a binder filled with all your cassette tapes and CDs in your RV, can you? Today’s modern technology in audio entertainment has made it possible to carry entire libraries of your favorite music playlist on portable gadgets such as MP players, phones, tablets and laptops, which you can listen to via a clutter-free, wireless, Bluetooth-enabled and rechargeable and preferably powerful portable speaker. You want music on the move, your phone and portable speaker have it covered.




If you have to run a short errand, a bike can get you there just as efficiently so you won’t have to bring along the RV and your entire family to fetch some water or some fishing tackle perhaps. More importantly, should your RV become disabled, the bike enables you to get help when needed.


Weather Radio/Emergency Device Charger


Traveling to a location prone to weather disasters? Even if you’re not, a weather radio and an emergency device charger can keep you ready for any eventuality on the road. The weather radio helps you get out of the way if weather is expected to get rough, so you and your family can stay safe in the RV. Some models are hand cranked, others run on rechargeable batteries, while the premium quality and exceptionally versatile ones offer a variety of power options including solar. They also let you charge your portable devices during emergencies, and come with a built-in flashlight.

2.The best gadgets you should have in your RV


Portable RV Solar Charging System/Panel


When you’re on the road and don’t have power hookups, how will your various portable devices get juice? Invest in a portable RV Solar Panel to harness the sustainable energy from the sun while on the go. You won’t need to rely on RV park or campground power while ensuring an environment friendly power source is always available.


Cell Signal and WiFi Booster


You can’t stop driving your RV in the middle of nowhere and climb to the treetops to get stronger Cell and WiFi signal. What if you need to make a call or send an important email to your boss? The cell booster strengthens your cell phone range even inside the RV. The WiFi booster optimizes the free WiFi signal you can get at RV campgrounds and site, despite not being able to change lousy internet connections on a full scale.