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What is the best GPS for truck drivers

Last Updated: 01.12.22


What are the best GPSes for truck drivers in 2022?


If you don’t have the time to look up information online about the best GPS for truck drivers, this short paragraph will be your best bet for finding the navigational system you need. In determining the best products, we have looked at the user feedback, sales figures, reliability surveys, and we have found that Garmin dēzl 770LMTHD is the best because it holds most of the features a truck driver needs and does a great job getting you to the destination. As truck drivers know, custom routing is a must and this unit has the right application. It is easy to use and furnishes the least expensive and time efficient route to get the cargo at the designated location. When on the route, you can access the feature that shows truck-specific services and points of interest, like truck stops, gas stations, and repair services. It will allow search filters for your express demands. It also comes with free lifetime maps for the whole North America and traffic information with constant updates and no extra fees. That should secure a well-planned and delay-free journey for you and your freight. If the Garmin dēzl 770LMTHD is temporarily unavailable, you can safely go for the Garmin dēzl 570LMT as it came in second in our search for the best GPS for truck drivers.



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A short buying guide


If you want to find out what is the best GPS for truck drivers, then you must know what the basic requirements that it must meet to get on top are. Here’s a short guide to pinpoint those features.

Routing and traffic


That’s what a GPS is for. If you need to get from A to B and your unit gives you wrong directions, then you should think about changing it.

To make sure you’re using the right roads and get to the finish line in time, most of the GPS devices that end up on top of the list have a reliable custom routing. You can consider it to be an efficient feature when you don’t have to make needless detours or don’t end up in places where your type of vehicle isn’t allowed.

Professional GPSes often have additional routing options and furnish other route-related information, such as the number of miles to the destination, the amount of fuel required, hours spent on the road and other.

See that your GPS can adapt your desired track and make the necessary adjustments when unexpected changes affect your stated course. The easier, the better.  


Display characteristics


There are various types of displays, and not all of them have good visibility. If the screen is too dim to see clearly, then the unit loses its utility.

Bright, colorful screens are great to help you see the important details and optimize your focus, especially for long tiresome journeys and nighttime drives.  

Size does matter, so think about the size of the GPS display you want to purchase, as you will be using it often for a long time. A big screen might hinder you when you’re in a small car just as a small screen wouldn’t be that useful on a truck’s dashboard.


Map updates


Find the product with the best offer on updated maps. Most GPS products include maps, but not all are for life, and not all are for free. When you find what you want, inform yourself on when the updates are available and how long it takes to install them.

In tandem, the GPS producers usually provide traffic details and notifications. It may be priceless if you receive the updates in time. Search for the GPSes that have fast updating traffic information and compare the prices in case there is a charge for this option.



Our top picks



Garmin dēzl 770LMTHD


This unit is constantly brought up as the best GPS for truckers thanks to its cool navigator features.

The Garmin dēzl 770LMTHD has a 7-inch glass display, and that is just what you need to have a proper use of the HD Digital Traffic information. That traffic avoidance info has good updates, and it comes for free.

Moreover, you have the Active Lane Guidance technology (ALG), which comes to your help whenever you encounter busy intersections or complicated exits and turns.

Addressing the main concern of all truck drivers, the unit provides custom routing and smooth route shaping. Choosing the right trail will pose no difficulties when the specifics of your truck are in the GPS and altering the course for various reasons is at your fingertips.

For your safety and a more relaxed drive, your device will feed you advisories and cautions to stimulate your attention to sharp curves and steep roads or restrictions and trucking speed limits.

The dēzl 770LMTHD is ranked as the best truck GPS for sale because it also delivers information about truck services and points of interest. Parking lots, weigh stations, truck washes and much more are included.



This unit provides cautions and advisories that alert you to sharp curves, grounding risks, high wind areas, and restrictions, as well as no hazardous materials and no trailer guidance.

If your kind of vehicle is affected by after-sunset regulations, this GPS provides information on local sunrise and sunset times along with mile markers to pinpoint your exact location along your route and on the road.

You also get state and country border notices to provide a prompt heads-up at a distance of five miles prior to a new state line or the border of a different nation.

Thanks to the Easy Route Shaping feature, you can drive through specific towns or on certain streets to enable you to take the scenic route, while allowing the addition of a point to the route displayed onscreen so the drive is configured to your preference.



One user noted that the unit tends to go dim inadvertently but it could be due to the weak reception of signals or a battery life-saving feature.

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Garmin dēzl 570LMT


This is a great GPS for truck routes because you get the customized routing for the size and weight of your vehicle and you get all the necessary course warnings to help you drive safely. The spoken directions use a friendly voice and resort to landmarks and traffic lights.   

The 5’’ display won’t support HD for the traffic information, but you do have access to it, so you don’t have to worry about that either, and the screen is magnificent.

The gadget is accompanied by the free lifetime maps of North America, which makes it usable on the long run and saves you some money. You don’t need to use the internet for updates, which is both convenient and practical.

Truckers will appreciate the logging; it helps you keep track of your mileage, fuel use, tire pressure, oil changes and others, so you’ll have a maintenance sheet for yourself or to share with your company.

This unit enables you to use the Foursquare application to search for new and popular restaurants or shops and provides a detailed list of the truck and trailer services or points of interest that will come in handy in case something’s come up, or you need a rest.



This RV GPS comes with a Truck and Trailer Services Directory, which lets you search and filter truck stops by the amenities you prefer or specific brand names so you can find points of interest that have gotten high ratings from truckers such as parking, restaurants, and hotels.

Thanks to the preloaded Foursquare data, you can look for millions of additional new and popular restaurants, shops, and plenty more for hassle-free travels.

Get customized truck routing so you can use truck-friendly routes based on the weight and size of your vehicle, for worry-free road trips.

The 5-inch glass display provides enough space to view vital information at a glance so you wouldn’t have to take your hands off the wheel and your eyes off the road.

You will also receive free lifetime maps and traffic avoidance information for as long as you own the device so you never drive with obsolete cartographical information.



According to one customer, when the mileage note displayed onscreen is touched, the picture does not return to the main map screen immediately so you have to touch the return arrow.

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Dinly 7 inch


The Dinly 7 inch is excellent in receiving satellite signal and is very accurate when acquiring the positioning of your truck. You get your updated maps over-the-air, a and you know

The LCD touch screen of the Dinly 7 inch is endurable, easy to read and renders accurately the details you need to see. You can choose between a 2D or 3D map version, and it’s really easy to find the addresses you’re looking for.

You get an updated lifetime map for your purchase, and by forwarding a special request to the producer, you can receive the map of Europe. Unlike other GPSes, map updates are over the air, and the landmarks or POIs such as nearby gas stations, restaurants or hotels are displayed as you drive, instantly.

Truck drivers will be glad to hear their GPS can pack a lot of good entertainment. It has an FM transmitter, MP3, and MP4 for various video and audio formats, runs flash scripts and opens eBooks, and has a memory space of up to 32GB.

This GPS delivers reliable service and comes with a very advantageous price. It is user-friendly, you can read it easily mount it in no time and hear the indications clear and loud.



This GPS is capable of receiving satellite signals strongly, so it provides a precise position fixing to enable you to enjoy reliable navigating service.

This model is simple and easy to operate and features a comfortable user interface as well as a built-in 8GB ROM and an 800×480 TFT LCD Touch Screen for clear, vivid images and text.

As a special bonus, this unit is equipped with an MP3 and MP4 function to serve as entertainment on the road to relieve your driving fatigue.

You can further enjoy greater versatility thanks to the ability of the device to communicate with a computer via a USB cable while supporting up to 32GB TF card for information expansion.

Aside from being preloaded with US and Canada maps, you can broaden the coverage with European maps at option, along with lifetime free map updates.



Some users have commented that obtaining a satellite signal can be slow on this model but it does the job nonetheless.

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