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Why you should invest in a backup camera for your RV

Last Updated: 01.12.22


When you hear of young children getting injured or killed when a vehicle accidentally backs into them, sometimes even with their parents driving the car, it can be heartbreaking and devastating. This is why back cameras or rearview cameras for vehicles from regular cars to road biggies such as RVs were invented. Rearview cameras can prevent injuries and even save lives while also preventing damage to your vehicle. More effective than a parking sensor, a backup camera helps you avoid objects behind your RV and helps you judge the distance between your vehicle and others behind you as you drive in reverse. There would be reduced backup crashes into pedestrians as well as other vehicles when running on reverse.

2.backup camera for your RV

Delivering promising technology, a backup camera for your RV will help you monitor the area that is typically most difficult to see when you back your car up, namely, right behind you. Objects and babies low on the ground can be seen easily, and since RVs have the biggest blind zones along with SUVs and pickup trucks, a backup camera will help reduce backup crashes, even injury and death. Since your rearview mirror is not an all-effective component, especially when conditions are not exactly ideal such as in rainy weather, a rearview camera can do so much more. With a backup sensor, a rearview camera can even be more effective.


Installing a backup camera in your RV keeps children and pets safe, especially when they sit really low on the ground. Children and animals can be completely shielded from view as you drive your car in reverse out of your driveway, or even a parking lot. A small child can stay hidden by your vehicle’s much taller trunk as you back out of your parking space. While some models are able to cover a wider area compared to others, having a backup camera for such a big vehicle as an RV can help save the lives of children and pets.


Some cameras offer an impressive all-around view of the area surrounding your RV. By utilizing four separate cameras in all, this kind of system sends images to a center-mounted display in your vehicle, all stitched together to give you an all-around view of what is on every side of the vehicle. This will also facilitate effortless parking since you see the view from all sides simultaneously so you can pull into even the tightest space.

3.backup camera for your RV

Many RV drivers choose a rearview camera with a large display so clear delivery of images from behind the car is ensured. Some units broadcast the images on a small screen of the rearview mirror itself, which may be convenient but not really all that helpful considering you have to squint a bit to actually view the images. Some systems may also include lines that help guide the driver. Sensor-based systems detect objects behind the vehicle and warn the driver with audible or visual alerts. Some systems also detect approaching vehicles and can function as cross-traffic units that automatically apply the brakes to prevent a possible collision.


Although not all systems are built equal, a backup camera for your RV is especially useful to suburban drivers who regularly back out of a driveway, or urban users who often do parallel parking. Especially beneficial to older or limited mobility drivers, this kind of equipment lets one thoroughly check out their blind spot and offers the flexibility that they may lack due to their condition.