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Winegard RS-3000 Review

Last Updated: 30.09.22


Main advantage


A sleek model that can be placed roughly anywhere, this digital amplified TV Antenna delivers a powerful performance due to the 360-degree signal reception and can receive all VHF and UHF frequencies while parked.

This feature will enable the user to channel all sorts of programs without any hand cracking or aiming, due to the full coverage. It will be a lot easier to watch local news, weather, live sports, and top-rated TV shows for free and at top quality visuals using this product.


Main disadvantage


Once you get too far away from a known tower, the reception is likely to decrease, and individual TV programs will be harder to intercept. However, this antenna is still suitable for local use, while you’re at home or in the neighborhood. It does just as well when traveling with your RV as long as you’re stationed in a less remote area.

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Top features explained



This antenna features a sleek design while also being compact, easy to transport and to place wherever it is needed. It requires no hand cracking or aiming since it offers a 360-degree coverage and can intercept signals coming from any direction thanks to its particular shape.

The manufacturers also included other accessories in the packaging to make sure that this item works appropriately and the user has no trouble installing it. An ohm coax cable and a mounting bracket and hardware make up a kit of essentials to get this antenna working and ensure it has a stable grip and a safe positioning.


The process itself is pretty simple so that any user can make the most of this product. You only have to park your RV, turn on your antenna and run a quick channel scan to receive the available programming for the area that you’re currently in.

Due to the 360-degree signal reception, this model can offer you a range of programs much more extensive than other similarly priced alternatives. Also, it doesn’t require any adjustments given that its design makes sure it receives signals from any direction.

No pointing or aiming is required, as you have probably gotten used to doing on old-school items. This omnidirectional device works on a 35-mile long range and has an embedded digital TV antenna amplifier.


Image quality

This particular design can capture digital stations and deliver a crystal-clear image, much higher quality than the local TV stations that you’re used to. Of course, if you live in an area where FM reception is weak, then you’ll need to test this option on the road, but at least you’ll have the alternative.

You’ll not only be able to capture more programs and expand your viewing options, but you’ll enjoy a heightened quality of the image, without any of the pixelation or scrambled picture that you used to experience. You can enjoy any content, from local news and weather to live sports and top-rated shows, and all of that for free.


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