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Zerex G-05 ZXG05RU1 RV Antifreeze Review

Last Updated: 30.09.22

Main advantage


The adaptability of this item is perhaps the feature that most deserves to be praised. It can be used for both gasoline and diesel engines, and it delivers the same good results in either of these instances. It manages to protect the engines of both types of vehicles from various issues.

For example, you can use this substance to prevent freezing, that’s a given. But in addition to its primary function, it also helps reduce the chances of corrosion or rust occurring in the metallic parts of the vehicles, preserving the components and extending their lifespan.


Main disadvantage


Since this product is delivered already mixed, it may be difficult for customers who want to try a different concentration to achieve their goals. The coolant comes in a 50/50 ratio, half water, and half concentrated substance.

Even though this is the right amount recommended by many manufacturers for all types of vehicles, there are a few instances in which one might want to try out a 70% concentration. You cannot do that using this item, because adding water to a coolant implies it’s delivered in a half-empty container previously measured.

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Top 3 features explained



The Zerex G-05 is made using a lower-silicate percentage on a base of ethylene glycol. The coolant also contains nitrites, which are added to protect the diesel engine cylinders against cavitation, which can be a recurring issue in these types of vehicles. It’s phosphate-free since they’ve been rumored to be toxic.

Its nitrite percentage also helps with controlling the deposits that might result from the accumulation of impurities found in hard water and scale. A high-quality defoamer has also been added to the mix to prevent it from harming the plastic components of the vehicles.

The formula comes pre-mixed, so you don’t have to add any water. You can put it to use straight away.




This alternative is suitable for light traffic vehicles as well as heavy duty options, for gasoline as well as for diesel. It manages to offer protection for their engines regardless of their size, preventing them from freezing during the cold months and preventing excessive heat from causing malfunctions during the summer.

Due to its low-silicate contents and reduced pH, this coolant manages to protect all types of metal components in engines, including aluminum ones, from corrosion.


Recommendations and compatibility

Even though this product can be used with various types of vehicles, it’s essential to consider the fact that Mercedes have recommended it as an excellent alternative for protecting all their cars during wintertime.

Since it’s a little tricky to decide which alternative is the best for your circumstances, especially since mixing coolants can result in an extremely corrosive substance that will permanently damage the metallic components of your car’s engine, we suggest you stick with the manufacturer’s recommendation. Many customer reviews have supported this opinion, proving this particular coolant delivers excellent results for this brand.


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