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Zerex ZX001 RV Antifreeze Review

Last Updated: 01.12.22

Main advantage


The most relevant feature that this alternative has to offer is the protection it provides for the metallic components of the engine. Its formula is enriched with a corrosion inhibitor that prevents the metal from developing rust and thus manages to prolong the life expectancy of the vehicle.

Another damaging effect that this coolant can prevent is corrosion, which can also be a great enemy to the normal functioning of a car engine. The substance contains all the necessary ingredients to make sure these problems do not affect your RV, ensuring long-term use.


Main disadvantage


This option is only compatible with vehicles for which the manufacturers specify that a green coolant is needed. Otherwise, regardless of the beneficial effects that it might have for the engine in normal conditions, you cannot use this liquid, mostly because it’s difficult to wash out the coolant previously used.

Mixing different compositions is ill-advised, and it can cause irreparable damage to your vehicle’s engine. However, it’s worth mentioning that this is an issue you will encounter regardless of the coolant that you choose to use, so it’s hardly a disadvantage, just a fact that needs to be considered.

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Top 3 features explained



This formula achieves its purpose by offering protection against temperature excesses for the engine of your RV. It can prevent freeze-ups when you’re driving in freezing temperatures during the winter months, as well as boil-overs when the car is exposed to high temperatures and excessive heat.

Aside from protection against these natural factors, which is the primary purpose of a reliable coolant, you also benefit from the fact that this product is equipped to create an improved environment for your vehicle, protecting the metal used in construction against corrosion or rusting.




Like other similar products, this coolant has to be mixed with water to be used. Its recipe is based on a low-silicate concentration that works for heavy duty applications with use of SCA.

It’s essential to mention that, similarly to other green coolants, this item is based on an ethylene glycol recipe and it’s incredibly toxic, so it should under no circumstances be swallowed since it might have extremely damaging or even fatal effects.

Speaking about damaging effects, you should not mix this liquid with any of the residual antifreeze that might still be in your car’s engine, because when combined they will irreparably damage the metallic components of the engine.



Many customers prefer this product because it’s proven its reliability in time. Zerex is an old brand that users have grown accustomed to, and they’ve always come up with a high-quality product, even before the age when the chemical composition of coolants was put under the microscope.

The formula is cost-efficient because it’s delivered in a case of four bottles, which may seem excessive but in actuality, you don’t need to open them all at once, and the liquid doesn’t lose its chemical properties in time. Also, the antifreeze mix doesn’t come with an expiration date.


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